Hajj & Umrah

It's Time to Start Your Journey Towards Hajj & Umrah

Then, when Umar came (i.e. became Caliph) he said, “If we follow Allah’s Quran, it orders us to complete Hajj and Umrah; as Allah says: “Perform the Hajj and Umrah for Allah.” (2.196). And if we follow the tradition of the Prophet who did not finish his Ihram till he sacrificed his Hadi.”

Narrated Abu Musa: Volume 2, Book 26, Number 630

Hajj & Umrah Package - 2023

The Fifth Pillar of Islam is called Hajj (a Pilgrimage to Mecca) the performance of the Hajj upon every Muslim male or female is obligatory. Every Muslim who is of responsible age, fairly in good health and physically fit and financially capable and secure must make the Hajj at least once in a life time.

Umrah is a pilgrimage to Makkkah & Madinah , can be performed at any time of the year. It can be performed along with Hajj and in other days. One UMRAH expiates the sins until the next Umrah and the HAJ that is accepted by Allah and performed properly has no reward other than Paradise.



Health and illness prevention
• Get all your important vaccination in advance.
• Get sufficient medicine if you are on a prescription.
Optional: Face masks, painkiller, cough, cold and flu tablets or syrup.
Pharmacies are available in both Makkah and Medina.


Get your knowledge from
• Attending Hajj seminars
• Reading authentic books
• Knowledgeable Sheikh or Imams
• Online lectures
• Memorise important Duas
Recommended books
• Hajj Umrah and Ziyarah by Abdul-Aziz Bin Abdullah Bin Baz.
• Hisnul Muslim or Fortress of the Muslim (Available in various languages)
• Download good Apps.


• Make sincere Tawba for all your sins.
• Ask forgiveness from your Parents, Family, Friends and Neighbours.
Outstanding Debt
• Make sure to pay all your outstanding debt.
If not possible, make an arrangement or agreement with the lander. Also make sure that your debts
are made aware by your family members.


Only buy what is necessary for the duration. Do not buy excessive.
List of basic items
• Ihram and Ihram belt.
• Good comfortable walking sandals (Must).
• A bag to carry sandals (Must).
• Tooth brush and paste.
• Device charger/ Power bank.
• Perfume free deodorants, cream etc.
• Sleeping bag (for Muzdalifah, may be required).
• An Umbrella (Optional)
• Good water bottle/flask
NOTE: There is no specific clothing for the women; they may wear any comfortable clothing like Burka.
ADVICE: DO NOT compromise on buying cheap sandals.


Being Patients
Being patient is a big part of your Hajj and Umrah. Your patience will be tested throughout your Hajj
and Umrah journey.
• Do not involve in unnecessary Fiqh issues.
• Control your emotions when finding an opportunity to kiss the black stone (Hajar Al-Aswad) as it
tends to get frustrating to find an opportunity to get close.
• Do not obstruct Tawaf to pray behind Maqam-e-Ibrahim.
• Do not harm any Hajis with your tongue.

In Sha Allah you will be rewarded for being patient.

Before leaving home
• Get all necessary documentation packed.
• Check passport and visa validity.
• Pack all necessary items.
Personal task
• Take a shower.
• Remove all un-wanted hairs.
• Clip your nails. and Trim moustache etc.
• You may use perfume if you are not wearing Ihram.
You may perform 2 Raka’ah Nafl with Surah Kafirun and Ikhlas at home or at the airport.
This can be done before or after wearing the Ihram.

This can be done before or after wearing the Ihram.
When and where to wear Ihram?
Ihram MUST be worn before reaching Miqat.
Wearing Ihram depends on where you are travelling first (Makkah or Medina).
Also based on your flight stoppage transit.
If travelling to Makkah
• You can wear Ihram from your house.
• From your city airport.
• From transit airport terminal.





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